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Dan Kamys, Editor

Dan Kamys is a lifelong Chicagoan. He is an avid animal lover, blogger, car enthusiast, and epicurean. A lifelong class clown and theater geek, Dan has always loved to entertain people. Dan also is the Managing Editor of June Media's other food site, SavvyFork.

So, can he cook? You bet. My first memory of being in the kitchen was sticking my index finger into the blue flame of our stove when I was four or five. You’d think a severe burn would deter someone from spending time in the kitchen, but not me. I started with scrambled eggs and worked my way up with the help of the Food network and my mom’s cookbooks. I love the informality of cooking; you do what you feel will work, no measuring, just gut instinct. If the question was “Can he bake?” that’d be a different story…

What is the best meal he has ever had? Coming from a large Hispanic family, the half and half Thanksgivings are always delicious. A roast turkey sits next to a smoked leg of pork and mashed potatoes become neighbors to Arroz con Gandules (Puerto Rican rice and beans). I don’t even mind the food comas that they send me into afterwards.

Favorite restaurants: Sixteen at Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago (order the unlisted Mar-a-Lago burger, they’ll looked shocked), Pequod’s pizza, and any Brazilian steakhouse

Favorite Cookbook: The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook by Ina Garten and Martha Stewart (Buy it on Amazon.com)

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