10 Easy Easter Recipes

10 Easy Easter Recipes

Easter can be a stressful time if you like to cook big meals. Instead of stressing out about cooking fancy Easter dishes, try out these 10 easy Easter recipes that will leave you relaxed and with plenty of delicious food on the table! Make these easy Easter recipes and enjoy spending that extra time with your family!

Creamy Deviled Eggs - These easy eggs can be a successful side dish for any holiday menu.

Orange Jello Salad - This orange Jello salad recipe is cool and delicious! You can serve it anytime.

Ham and Egg Pie - My Grandma made this wonderful dinner entree. Just serve it with a salad.

Baked Green Chili Omelet - I've used this recipe for about 11 years. It is always a favorite when I have a brunch. It looks good, tastes great and my family and friends eally enjoy it. And it is easy to do!

Quick & Easy Old Fashioned Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes - This is a creamy and cheesy side dish that's so quick and easy to prepare. These potatoes go great with chicken, pork, ham or beef.

Crescia Bread - Flavored with sharp cheese, this versatile Italian Easter bread can complement almost any meal.

Italian Easter Rice Pie - I remember my mother making this pie when I was a little girl. I make it every year for Easter.

Lenten Pancakes - You can eat these pancakes during Lent (the 40 days before Easter). Make sure to sprinkle them with sugar or honey.

Easy Sugar Cookies - You can use any type of colored sugar to decorate these for any holiday.

Amazing Asparagus Casserole - A great recipe that is easy to prepare. This asparagus casserole is always a big hit at potluck get-togethers.

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