10 Fabulously Fruity Pancake Recipes

10 Fabulously Fruity Pancake Recipes

Nothing's better than waking up to a short stack (maybe even a large stack) of homemade pancakes! Well, the only thing better than regular pancakes are pancakes with fruit cooked inside and sprinkled on top. Recipe4Living's collected our favorite fruity pancake recipes including apple, banana, berry, mango and peach pancakes!

Apple Pancakes with Maple Crusted Walnuts - A sweet treat for a Sunday brunch, or any time you feel like indulging someone.

Banana Pancakes - A delicious and nutritious addition to a breakfast standard.

Pumpkin Pancakes - This recipe is a real breakfast treat that your kids will love!

Blueberry Pancakes - Half of the berries should be cooked into the pancakes, and the other half should be saved to scatter over the top of the cooked pancakes for serving.

Baked Peach Pancakes - This dish makes for a dramatic presentation. Take it right from the oven to the table, fill it with peaches and sour cream and serve with bacon or ham.

Apple Pecan Pancakes with Apple Spice Syrup - These autumn pancakes are a welcome switch from toast and cereal. Chunks of pecans and apples fill the cinnamon-flavored batter topped with a homemade spiced syrup.

Double Berry pancakes - These fruity pancakes are full of blueberries and raspberries.

Coconut Mango Pancakes - This recipe is like a Mango Lassi transformed into a pancake - an Asian twist on an American breakfast classic. Eat them with honey or syrup. They make a delicious dessert with vanilla ice cream and some fresh diced mango.

Raspberry Banana Pancakes - I love homemade pancakes, especially with yummy fruit!

Strawberries and Cream Pancakes - A great way to start the morning! Indulge yourself in tender pancakes layered with sweet berries and smooth cream.

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