10 Football-Ready Wing Recipes

Our Favorite Chicken Wing Recipes

The Professional Football Championship Game is coming up, and you know what that means? We can't say the actual name! It also means that it's time for you to make a whole spread for your guests. One of the staples is chicken wings, so why not make a few of our favorites?


KFC Honey Barbecue Wings- Save yourself a boatload of money by eating out less often. Serve your entire family for less with these tasty wings.

Sweet and Tangy Chicken Wings- These yummy chicken wings can be served as an appetizer or as a main menu.

Choice Buffalo Wings- This classic appetizer is always a crowd-pleaser. Great for football games, hanging around or even a light meal. 

Tommy Wings-  The Tuttle family of Pleasant Hill, Missouri love to barbecue, especially the kids of the family. Their specialty is a marinade developed and perfected by a late nephew, Thomas Wilson V. The eponymous Tommy Wings, a spicy buffalo-style wing that blends a variety of Cajun spices, took home a ribbon from the American Royal in 1996.

Baked Barbecue Wings-  You can't go wrong with BBQ wings and this recipe is super-easy to multiply for larger parties.

Chinese Sticky Wings-  Sugar-free, imitation honey gives this appetizer a sticky-sweet taste without adding any sugar.

Hawaiian Chicken Wings- If you want to put a twist on your wings you have to try this!

Hogan’s Nuclear Chicken Wings- Um, can we say feeling hot hot hot! If you are a lover of very hot chicken wings then here you go, this was made for you.

Japanese Chicken Wings- Chicken wings are egged and fried in butter, then baked in a tangy sauce of soy sauce, water, sugar, vinegar, garlic powder and salt. Delicious, sticky chicken wings!

Mexican Hot Wings-
Try this sizzling hot recipe for chicken wings next time you have a party.


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