10 Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes

10 Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes

Every season comes with its own fresh fruits, and at Recipe4Living, we just so happen to love them all. That’s why the concept of a fruit salad is so perfect. They combine seasonal fruit to make for a sweet side or even a healthy dessert. We’ve got 10 of our favorites ready for you!

Summer Fruit Salad - This recipe will be cheapest to make during the summer, the featured produces' growing season.

Spring Fruit Salad - This tasty salad will prep your taste buds for all the wonderful spring produce!

Fruit Salad with Rum - Add a little something special to your fruit salad!

Berry Salad - This is the perfect fruit salad for BBQ!

Fresh Fruit Ambrosia Salad - A delicious array of fresh seasonal fruit or out-of-season canned fruit.

Summer Melon Salad - This simple salad is fun and refreshing and is served inside the melon!

Grapeberry Summer Salad - This is a great summer salad for a hot day!

Tropical Zest Fruit Salad - This fruit salad is refreshing as a light lunch or dinner on a hot summer day. This recipe is also a tasty side dish.

Berry Good Summer Salad - My mom and I made this recipe up last summer and it is YUMMY!!

Pomegranate Citrus Salad - Fresh tasting and beautiful red and green salad for Christmas! Zing wakes up your taste buds!

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