10 Fun New Ways to Eat Tuna for Dinner

10 Fun New Ways to Eat Tuna for Dinner

If you love tuna, but are looking for more variety than just tuna noodle casserole, then we've got a recipe collection for you! Traditional tuna noodle casserole is wonderful, but we've got a whole bunch of fun new spins on your favorite fish! These meals are perfect for the entire family!

Tuna Noodle Florentine - Spinach and cheese make this casserole a creamy meal.

Tuna Burger - These tuna burgers with zucchini are made with the help of a pie iron.

Tuna with Paprika Potatoes & Coriander Salsa - The combination of ingredients makes for a delicious, complete meal.

Tuna Pasta Bliss - Fun three-color pasta, cubed cheese, albacore tuna, roasted sweet red peppers and more blend for a pasta salad with a summer freshness from the basil and Romaine.

Ahi Tuna Fajitas - If you buy sushi-grade ahi tuna, the meat can be just lightly seared and retains great flavor.

Tuna Potato Casserole - A simple and tasty use for canned tuna, with potatoes and plenty of veggies.

Tuna Steaks with Wasabi Ginger Glaze - Add jasmine rice and steamed fresh asparagus to complete the meal. Chinese-style hot mustard has a sharp, spicy bite and can be used in place of wasabi paste.

Tuna Pie with Cheese Biscuit Filling - This creative dish is incredibly filling and great for feeding a lot of people.

Tuna-Stuffed Pasta Shells - These stuffed shells are delicious and filling! So easy to make.

Tuna Chowder with Cheese - Clam chowder's lesser-known relative tuna chowder is a different taste, but still fabulous flavor.


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