10 Most Popular December Recipes

10 Most Popular December Recipes

For a month filled with holidays, our readers sure loved their breakfast casseroles! Entertaining family and friends requires some easy convenient recipes to serve for breakfast! Read on to find out what our users read the most!

10. Sunshine Breakfast Casserole - Easy to make; delicious to serve.

9. Sausage Egg Casserole -  A super-simple breakfast dish, made with the ease of the crockpot.

8. Cinnamon French Toast Bake - This easy breakfast bake features refrigerated cinnamon rolls that make quick work of favorite French toast flavors.

7. Hungry Man's Breakfast Casserole - This hearty breakfast casserole dish will feed all your hungry men (and women).

6. Breakfast Casserole - This breakfast casserole recipe is a fantastic way to fill up the whole family in the morning before each of you starts your day off.

5. Sausage Brunch Casserole - An easy, baked casserole also featuring cheddar cheese, fresh bread, and eggs.

4. Crockpot Breakfast Casserole - With the convenience of waking up and having breakfast ready for you, this delicious casserole tastes just like an omelet!

3. Awesome Breakfast Casserole - A recipe for the perfect creamy, cheesy, and crunchy breakfast casserole to satisfy your morning hunger!

2. Crockpot Morning Casserole - Start this the night before and a unique breakfast will be ready for you in the morning.

And the number one recipe of December was...

1. Christmas Morn Casserole - This has been a Christmas morning treat in our house for many years. Because you can make it the night before, it is perfect for Christmas.

Leave a comment below with your favorite recipe that  you discovered last month, or submit a brand new recipe here!


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