10 Most Popular July Recipes

10 Most Popular July Recipes

This month, Recipe4Living users took to lighter summer dishes like cool pasta salads along with quick and easy casseroles like pork chop casserole, and more! To find out what our users clicked on most this month...read on!

10. Easy Pork Chop Dinner - This dish is very easy and you can let it simmer while you're doing other things. Very simple and tasty.

9. Cucumber Pickles - My neighbor made these and shared some with us. I had to have the recipe, they are delicious when served on the side with burgers, steaks or chops. These get better as they age.

8. Easy Peach Cobbler - This is a recipe that was passed down from my southern grandmother.

7. Layered Mexican Snack Platter - This Mexican layered snack platter is one of the most popular appetizers served at my house!

6. Pork Chop Casserole - I have had raves for over 45 years, every time I take this to anyone. I always make two and freeze one to have one on hand. Wonderfully easy to make and so yummy and fork tender! Add a salad and dinner is ready or take it to a shut-in, a family reunion or picnic.

5. Cool Macaroni Salad - This is a simple recipe that has been a sure winner in my family as well as my church. I get a lot of requests for this recipe. Try to use fresh, summer ingredients - it tastes better.

4. Summer Squash Casserole - Delicious and great way to use the super healthy food - squash!

3. All In One Chicken Dinner - Got your crockpot handy? This dinner recipe is a must-try!

2. Best Chicken Salad Ever -   This chicken salad is a favorite among my friends and family. Makes great sandwiches or tastes great by itself.

And the number one recipe in July is...

1. Cucumber Pasta Salad - This recipe won't take much time at all. It is great for a picnic!

Leave a comment below with your favorite recipe that  you discovered last month, or submit a brand new recipe here!

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