10 New Potato Salad Recipes You've Never Tasted!

10 New Potato Salad Recipes You've Never Tasted!

We're all familiar with the tasty flavors of a classic potato salad recipe. But what about all those new innovative renditions that are stashed away in people's recipes boxes? Now, Recipe4Living has unearthed new and interesting potato salad recipes, and we're betting that you haven't tasted some of them before! Go ahead, give it a try!

Greek Potato Salad - The reason why this potato salad recipe is so special is that it doesn't contain any mayonnaise. It's more about potatoes, onion and spices.

Picnic Potato Nicoise Salad - Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your next group gathering. This new take on an old classic will elicit rave reviews! The best part is that the recipe contains no dairy, making outdoor dining easy.

Cajun Potato Salad - This recipe is the most requested dish for every party, BBQ and event!

Going Green Potato Salad - Potatoes blended with creamy avocado dip and cheddar cheese give this potato salad just the right zing for your family and friends' next get together.

Italian Potato Salad - A light oil type salad that's great for cook outs- there's no mayo to spoil. it is good even if it sits out. It actually has a more distinct flavor at room temperature.

Golden Potato Salad - Adding sweet potatoes to this yummy potato salad makes for an interesting and distinct side dish.

New Potato, Fennel and Radish Salad - You'll love the unique taste of this healthy salad with a lemon and olive oil dressing.

Round-Up Potato Salad - This is a fabulous way to add a zippy taste and interesting texture and color to a store-bought potato salad. Once you serve it this way, you'll never serve it "naked" again !

Ranch Potato Salad - An easy savory summer potato salad with the taste of ranch dressing instead of the usual mayonnaise dressing.

Kickin Spicy Smashed Potato Salad - Easy smashed potato salad with a kick. It's a great addition to any BBQ or just something to go with your everyday meal.


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