10 Restaurant Copy-Cat Appetizers

10 Restaurant Copy-Cat Appetizers

From soup to slaw to seafood dip, we have compiled all of your favorite restaurant appetizers so you can make them right in the comfort of your own home!

Bennigan’s Style Potato Soup: A simple soup with plenty of taste, try this one for lunch or as a hearty appetizer.

Lone Star’s Amarillo Cheese Fries and Dip: Not only are you getting a recipe for cheese fries but you also get the recipe for the dip that can go with them.

Boston Market Squash Casserole: This colorful veggie casserole is a wonderful way to dress up your standard squash casserole.

Outback-Style Sweet Potato: A delicious blend of cinnamon and honey mixed together with the sweet taste of the potatoes.

KFC Cole Slaw: This simple recipe perfectly replicates the slaw at the fast food chain. Great for any barbecue or large gathering.

Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana
: This version whacks off 15 grams of fat from the original version served at your nearby Olive Garden. It reduces the calories from 275 to 196.

Black Kettle Restaurant Eggplant Soup: The great taste of roasted eggplant delights in this soup

Olive Garden’s Bruschetta: This Italian restaurant favorite is always a great option for an appetizer. You can make the filling ahead of time and just throw together right before guests come.

Boston Market Cornbread: Now you don't have to run to the Market every time you crave cornbread!

Olive Garden’s San Remo Seafood Dip: This shrimp and crab mixture is meant for bread stick dipping.

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