10 Savory Summer Dips

10 Savory Summer Dips

When entertaining family or friends, sometimes the easiest thing to do for an appetizer is to serve chips with a delicious homemade dip. Dips are simple and perfect for summer festivities. Some sweet and some spicy, this collection of dips will help you prepare for any summer gathering.


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Fruit Dip: This sweet and creamy dip makes a refreshing dessert on a hot day or after a heavy meal. It also works as an appetizer or snack!


Celebration Dip: This dip is perfect for any festivity, all year round!


Tarragon Dip: Great flavor use on cracker, pretzels, chips or raw vegetables. Very tasty.


Cinnamon Dip: This is a sweet dip makes a healthy snack with fruit, ginger snaps or vanilla wafers.


Devil's Dip: Not for the faint-hearted, this dip will knock your socks off!


Pesto Dip: Spice up pesto for a spread with sunflower seeds, cream cheese, and fresh tomatoes.


Seven Layer Taco Dip: This no-cook dip makes great party good, but it easily a filling lunch.


Spinach and Artichoke Dip: Always a crowd-pleaser... which means very little clean-up for you!


Fabulous Crab Dip: An impressive dip best served on pita chips


Bacon and Cheese Dip: This easy dip cooks in your crockpot so you don't have to worry about it!


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