10 Side Dishes with 5 Ingredients or Less

10 Side Dishes with 5 Ingredients or Less

Even if you’re planning a simple family dinner, chances are that you’ll want to include a side dish next to your main course. But you shouldn’t have to put in a ton of extra effort to make that side shine. Try an easy recipe instead! All the side dish recipes below only have 5 ingredients or less!

Creamed Onions - I use Campbell's cream of onion soup for a lot of my cooking. It is very hard to find, but when I do, I stock up on it. It is great to add to gravies and other sauces.

Wild Blend Rice - Lundberg Wild Blend Rice is a perfect side dish to chicken or beef.

Steamed Tomatoes
- You can add these tomatoes to a delicious vegetable or chicken dish.

Fried Corn - This Southern dish is sure to please!

Lemon Spinach - An easy side dish for beginner chefs.

Roman Artichokes - Serve these veggies as a side to a pork or beef dish.

Chestnut Souffle - This a savory side dish that's kind of like a baked chestnut cake.

Italian Sprouts - A healthy, more flavorful way to eat Brussels sprouts.

Cheesy Guacamole Cauliflower - This may sound strange, but it's one of the tastiest side dishes I've tried!

Spicy Marinated Olives - Eat these little guys as they are or you can chop them up to make a sandwich.

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