10 Special 4th of July Appetizers

10 Special 4th of July Appetizers

You’re going to need lots of finger food and dips during this happy holiday. Try these quick and easy recipes, and watch as your guests rush back for more. Just make sure to have a salad too and you’ll be smooth sailing until they get hungry again!

  1. Artichoke & Jalapeno Dip - This is a "chunky" dip that can be made as spicy hot as you want! This is a crowd pleaser! I ALWAYS come home with an empty dish! My husband says this dip would be good on a car bumper!  
  2. Chicken Caesar Salad - This special preparation for chicken Caesar salad always has a great taste! 
  3. Easy Chicken and Bacon Skewers - A wonderful recipe to follow, you can eat this as is or add with a side of white rice. 
  4. Top Notch Nachos - This is a great recipe for kids or just as appetizers. Very simple to make, but always a favorite! 
  5. Banana Log, Peanut Salad with Blue Cheese - This is truly a strange, yet wonderful Southern recipe. I suspect my mother created it when it became know that Elvis Presley liked banana and peanut butter sandwiches. Only my mother will know for sure, but she did hand it down to me, and I present it here in her memory. 
  6. Cucumber Pasta Salad - This recipe won't take much time at all. It's great for a picnic! 
  7. Three Cheese Chili Bites - Here is a great appetizer for kids of all ages. I use them for tailgate parties and when the kids have friends over! It is easy and can also be tossed in the freezer and warmed up quickly. 
  8. Refried Bean Dip - I love refried beans and this dip is a great combination. It's not spicy so the kids can even eat it. 
  9. Noel Nibblers - I received this recipe from a friend. This appetizer recipe is so easy. Made with meatballs and little smokies, it's very delicious too! 
  10. Grapeberry Summer Salad - This is a great summer salad for a hot day!

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