10 Stunning Brussels Sprouts Dishes

10 Stunning Brussels Sprouts Dishes

Brussels sprouts are healthy, and we're here to prove they taste exceptional when prepared correctly. You don't always have to add butter and call it a day! Keep reading to learn the best ways to prepare Brussels sprouts, and how you can incorporate these dishes into any holiday party.

Easy Brussels Sprouts: There are only four ingredients in this simple side!

Italian Sprouts: A healthy, more flavorful way to eat Brussels sprouts.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts: You'll be so surprised at how good this dish tastes!

Buttered Brussels Sprouts with Parsley and Chives: Your family will beg for seconds of this flavorful vegetable dish.

Brussels Sprouts with Almonds: You can now look forward to eating these delicious sprouts.

Pan-Toasted Brussels Sprouts: Try this unique way to prepare Brussels sprouts!

Easy Grilled Brussels Sprouts: Even kids will like eating these lightly seasoned Brussels sprouts!

Honey-Mustard Brussels Sprouts: Get your family to eat their sprouts with a tasty glaze.

Low-Calorie Boiled Brussels Sprouts: This is a basic (no fail) recipe.

Maple Glazed Bacon Cheddar and Brussels Sprouts Bites: These are fabulous at a party. You can use budget ingredients or go all out-either way they are delicious and easy!


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