10 Sweet Sugar Cookie Recipes

10 Sweet Sugar Cookie Recipes

Sugar cookies are some of the tastiest cookies to eat, but they can also be difficult to make. Thankfully, Recipe4Living has a ton of tried and true tested sugar cookie recipes! Whether you like your cookies crispy and crunchy or soft and chewy, we've got a sugar cookie for you!

Easy Sugar Cookies - You can use any type of colored sugar to decorate these for any holiday.

Brown Sugar Cookies - This is a soft cookie with a deep brown sugar flavor.

Amish Sugar Cookies - A simple cookie to satisfy your simple cravings.

Sugar Cut-Out Cookies - These simple sugar cookies are deliciously buttery. They work for anything – holidays, birthdays or just rainy days.

Rolled Sugar Cookies - Whenever you make these cookies for someone, be sure to bring along several copies of the recipe! You will be asked for it!

Pudding Sugar Cookies - Flavored instant pudding adds flavor and extra moisture.

Sugar Leaf Cookies - According to many our readers, this is the perfect sugar cookie recipe.

Buttery Sugar Cookies - This dough is easy to work with - it has no baking powder - so the cookies bake smooth and flat - without any small bumps, which makes decorating easier.

Grandma's Sugar Cookies - Every Saturday morning, I walked down to Grandma's house and "helped" bake cookies for the weekly family tea on Sunday. I am still baking these cookies. It's 67 years later...and they are just as good as ever!

Super Crisp Sugar Cookies that Will Melt in Your Mouth - I'll give you my recipe. The cookies are delicious, crisp and will melt-in-your-mouth! This is a large recipe that makes 10 dozen. They freeze well - the 10 dozen won't last long!

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