10 Tasty Crab Recipes

10 Tasty Crab Recipes

Do you love crab as much as we do? It's hard not to appreciate such a sweet and tender piece of seafood! At Recipe4Living, we've got tons of succulent crab recipes just waiting to be prepared! We've got everything from crab cakes and crab salad to crab quiche and crab pastas. Feast on these yummy crab recipes like you live on the seaside!

Crab Quiche - Cheesy and savory, this easy casserole dish is always a hit.

Crab Stuffed filet of Sole - This dish has become a family favorite in our house. It's easy, light and delicious!

Crab Cakes Made Easy - A simple recipe without a lot of spices or mustard to hide the taste of the crab. Everyone always wants more of them.

Crab Sandwiches - Very rich and creamy sandwich.

Crab Pasta Casserole - This fancy dish is enough to make 2 casseroles for big parties or to save for later!

Crab Bisque - This creamy soup is very rich and tasty.

Crab Puffs - A yummy combination of crab and Old English cheese. This easy to make appetizer is a crunchy bite that is sure to bring raves from guests.

Crab and Rice Salad - Give your side dish some added meat with this delicious salad.

Crab-Okra Gumbo - This classic southern dish is packed with flavor and traditional gumbo ingredients.

Crabby Mushrooms - A seasoned crabmeat mixture is stuffed into large mushroom caps.

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