10 Tasty Hot Dog Recipes

10 Tasty Hot Dog Recipes

A hot dog with nothing on it is barely a hot dog at all! Next time you’re grilling up some dogs, keep our favorite recipes handy- you’ll love how fun and flavorful they are, plus they’re super easy to make!

Hot Dogs and Kraut: A terrific blend of bacon, sauerkraut  and homemade Thousand Island dressing. You can substitute a favorite bottled Thousand Island variety if you prefer.

Dad’s Dogs: My husband found this recipe many years ago on the inside of a matchbook. Not sure of the original name, but to our family the recipe became known as "Dad's Dogs"...a yummy mix of hot dogs, onions, sauce and cheese!
Gourmet Hot Dogs: These stuffed hot dogs are the real deal! Piled high with toppings and broiled with cheese and garlic, this is the ultimate way to eat a hot dog.

Chili Coney Dogs: This fantastic slow cooker  recipe is a family favorite!
Chili Cheese Dogs: My brothers love this recipe!

Pizza Dog: Stuff and wrap hot dog in the pizza toppings of your choice - yummy!

Jim’s Super Dogs: I developed this hot dog recipe specifically for teenagers when cooking on church retreats. I have never had any left over.

Frankabobs: Perfect for grilling season, these hot dog  kabobs are fun for kids and adults!
Chili Dog Wraps: Serve this kid-friendly meal with carrot and celery sticks and apple wedges. You can use real hot dogs or veggie dogs for a healthier meal!
Hot Dogs Under Wrap: Hot dogs baked inside crescent roll puffs make a great appetizer or main course! When I don't have time to buy crescent rolls or pizza dough, I reach for my trusty Bisquick Baking Mix. The kids love helping me mix and spread the dough. Cut hot dogs in half for appetizer size.

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