10 Tasty Lobster Recipes

10 Tasty Lobster Recipes

Are you a seafood lover? At Recipe4Living, we love our lobster recipes! There's nothing better than sweet and tender lobster dipped in rich butter. Here are 10 of our favorite lobster recipes!

Lobster Salad - Eat this great salad with bread or by itself...you'll love it either way.

Lobster Meat Casserole - This casserole dish is classy with its garlic-butter flavoring and soft lobster pieces.

Lobster Stew - This is it - the holy trinity of Maine seaport cooking: lobster, butter, cream. Do not adulterate with other ingredients, do not substitute margarine for the butter (lest you be struck down by lightning), and, most importantly, do not feel guilty as you enjoy this heavenly soup.

Lobster Curry - A preparation of lobster that you might not have thought of but will really love.

Roasted Lobster Tails with Ginger Dipping Sauce - This is an elegant dish with incredible flavor.

Lobster Ravioli - Use pre-made lobster ravioli and jazz it up by creating your own creamy sauce.

Lobster Newburg - This extravagant dish is actually a simple way to cook lobster and incredible impressive tasting.

Lobster Deviled Eggs - A great twist on your basic deviled eggs you might want to make a double batch.

Lobster Soufflé - A truly decadent casserole, this dish has tender pieces of lobster mixed in with its creamy filling.

Lobster Club Sandwiches - This decadent, seafood sandwich speaks to the finer things in life.


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