10 Tasty Ravioli Recipes

10 Tasty Ravioli Recipes

Ravioli has been a popular Italian dish for centuries, but it wasn’t until recently that we started stuffing this pasta with more than just cheese. Now you can find ravioli filled with vegetables, lobster and even chocolate! Make sure to check out our top ten ravioli recipes! We guarantee you’ll be impressed!

Ravioli Marinara with Eggplant - This delicious ravioli will make the whole family smile. The eggplants are delicious, and adding shrimp and fish is plain genius!

Chocolate Nutella Ravioli - Try ravioli for dessert with this sweet treat!

Cheese Ravioli with Fresh Vegetables - Small mini cheese ravioli served tossed with fresh roasted red peppers, zucchini moons, sliced black olives and parsley.

Gorgonzola Walnut Ravioli with Sage Butter - You could use any pasta here, but the ravioli named in the title makes this dish positively decadent. I got this pasta at Trader Joes, my new favorite place to shop.

Ravioli Sophia - Ravioli Sophia are stuffed with cheese and spinach puree, and served with a typical Italian tomato and mushroom sauce.

Nacho Ravioli - This is such an interesting dish. Instead of using spaghetti sauce for your ravioli, use heated up salsa. Add some shredded cheddar cheese and black olives.

Baked Ravioli - This baked ravioli dish is good by itself or you can serve it with a nice side salad and garlic toast. Whatever tickles your fancy!

Low-Fat Cheese Ravioli - This homemade recipe is fabulously healthy and delicious.

Lobster Ravioli - Use pre-made lobster ravioli and jazz it up by creating your own creamy sauce.

Far-Out Ravioli - A delicious walnut sauce is the star of this recipe.

What's your favorite ravioli recipe? Share it with us here!

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