10 Terrific Holiday Sides

10 Terrific Holiday Sides

No matter the celebration, these side dishes will impress each and every guest during the holiday season. They work perfectly with tons of different main courses, and they’re all comforting and delicious. From roasted sweet potatoes to an onion casserole, these sides will hit the spot!

Hot Potato Dish - This creamy, tasty dish is easy to make and great for any occasion. You don't need a lot of ingredients!

Scallop - This is a wonderful side dish. I make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we never have leftovers.

Cranberry Salad - It is family tradition that we serve this dish every Thanksgiving and Christmas. We serve it frozen. 

Green Beans, Tomatoes & Mushrooms - A tasty side dish that is quick and easy to make. Great with roasted chicken or pork.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Apples - This is a wonderful winter side dish or even dessert! Perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Ayiana's Yams - This recipe will accompany any meal and is especially a hit at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Spiffy Crispy Cranberry Snap Relish - This is a crispy, fun treat to put out on your holiday dinner table. It lightens the meal and gives you a great sweet taste on your dinner plate.

Bobbie's Corn Casserole - This was one of my mother's specialties that was a real crowd pleaser. Even my youngest who is a "picky eater" loves this dish.

Beef Noodle Bake - A beefy casserole dish mixed with pasta, vegetables and a little bit of cheddar cheese.

Vidalia Onion Casserole - This is a tasty side dish for most any meal. Goes well with beef or pork. A good replacement for potatoes!

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