10 Tropical Hawaiian Recipes

10 Tropical Hawaiian Recipes

Summertime is the perfect time to try out some tasty Hawaiian recipes. Flavored with plenty of sweet pineapple and other delicious ingredients, you’ll really feel like you’re in the islands when you taste these dishes! Here are our top 10 tropical picks- enjoy!

Hawaiian Slaw: Copied from a dish from a Hawaiian Luau, this salad is unique and healthy and delicious!

Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Meat Balls: Fruit juice, sherry and nuts make this an easy dessert that's deliciously unique.
Poi Mochi: Hawaii's ono da kine broke da mouth donut-like hole.

Hawaiian Sponge Cake: Coconut and pineapple make this a yummy cake with an island flair.
Hawaiian Ribs: As would be expected, these sweet ribs are flavored with plenty of pineapple.
Hawaiian Chicken: Truly scrumptious and easy chicken recipe that can be cooked in the oven or on the grill. This recipe was given to me by a Hawaiian neighbor. If you wish, you can decrease fat content by using skinless chicken. Also delicious with pork country style ribs.
Hala-kahiki (Pineapple) Hawaiian Turkey Stuffing: Several years ago I decided to do a "Nationwide Thanksgiving" for my family. I tried to cook each dish to represent a different location in the USA. This stuffing is very, very Hawaiian. I found that when you cook it inside the turkey, the turkey gets a really sweet and wonderful taste to it.

Hawaiian Beef Marinade: Pineapple juice brings the taste of the islands straight to your kitchen.
Pani Popo (Hawaiian Coconut Bread): Delicious Hawaiian bread that anyone will love - even those who don't like coconut! Eat it for desert or with any meat hot off the grill. Taste great warm or cool.
Hawaiian Fresh Pineapple Grill: An indoor grill is perfectly suited to this yummy treat.

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