10 Ways to Make FOOD Out of BEVERAGES!

10 Ways to Make FOOD Out of BEVERAGES!

Do you ever have a flavor of soda, wine, or beer that no one likes? Use it to cook with for an amazing and unique entree that defies expectations!

Beer Bread: Pick your favorite beer to add flavor and life to this simple bread.

Beer Battered Veggies: This is a fantastic recipe to make the best beer battered veggies around. Serve them as an appetizer or as a side dish for anything. These go well with hamburgers and steak. 

Beer and Molasses Barbecue Sauce: This is a tangy sauce for grilled chicken or spareribs. You can build up a shiny glaze by brushing the sauce often over the meat, beginning about 15 minutes from the end of cooking time.

White Wine Vinaigrette: This healthy dressing tastes great on any salad!

Wine Jelly: For deep red jelly, use ruby port or robust red wine. For a soft rose-colored jelly, choose a fruity rose such as Grenache Rose. If using white wines, use those with a faintly sweet or fruity flavor, such as Gewürztraminer. Berry or other fruit wines may also be used.

Chicken with Wine Sauce: For a gourmet taste that's actually quite easy to prepare, try your hand at this recipe.

Braised White Wine Lobster: A light and elegant preparation for the most elegant of seafood.

Pasta with Red Wine Sauce: This pasta simmers in red wine to create a unique, savory flavor! 

Irish Soda Bread: This classic Irish bread can be made any time of the year. It's very easy and so delicious.

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