10 Wholesome Southern Grits

10 Wholesome Southern Grits

Here at Recipe4Living, we absolutely love Southern food, and that’s especially true for grits! This classic Southern breakfast is all about comfort, and filling up your belly with deliciousness! Try one of these simple recipes for a fun morning meal.

Yankee Grits - A decent shot at this southern breakfast favorite... at least not bad for a Yankee.

Southern Grit and Shrimp Towers - Combination of Southern style, grits, and the ever popular seafood, shrimp. The presentation is great for entertaining, plus the cost to prepare this dish is very economical.
Baked Cheese Grits - This is a great grits recipe that everyone enjoys!

Baked Cheesy Grits - This southern comfort food can be eaten for breakfast or as a side dish at dinner.

Puffy Cheese Grits - This classic Southern dish is enjoyed by all with plenty of cheese to create a hot, puffy dish!

Cheese Garlic Grits - Try these easy grits for a filling breakfast meal.

Tennessee’s Grit Casserole - This is a very nice cheesy grit casserole recipe that is wonderful for breakfast, lunch or dinner! The taste gives you a lift and really wakes up your taste buds!

Baked Garlic and Herb Grits - Use light Boursin cheese in this tasty potato, egg, and bacon dish.

Harbor House Shrimp and Grits - This classic southern dish comes complete with Cajun seasonings for an extra kick. A great, creamy dish to serve if you like grits.

Chef Robert Stehling's Shrimp and Grits - Savory shrimp over creamy grits is the ultimate southern dish.

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