11 Beef Rib Recipes

11 Beef Rib Recipes

Everyone has tasted yummy pork ribs before, but don’t limit yourself to just pork! If you haven’t tried beef ribs, you’re really missing out. Juicy and wonderfully flavored, beef ribs are big enough to constitute a whole meal! Try one of our beef rib recipes this summer- you won’t regret it.

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Short Ribs: The name says it all...short ribs become exceedingly tender when slow-cooked in a flavorful combination of French onion soup, ale, garlic, brown sugar and seasonings.
Slow Baked Short Beef Ribs: I would rate this tasty recipe a 4.6/5!

Southern Beef Short Ribs: This recipe has been one of my favorites. The flavors blend so well with the sweet, sour, and hot. The meat just melts in your mouth. The sauce is what we call in the south a "sopping sauce". I always have a large pan of garlic bread so everyone can sop up all that goodness. Enjoy!

BBQ Beef Ribs: The perfect summer dinner!

Short Ribs Sauerbraten: The preparation for these beef short ribs take some work but the flavor will be well worth the extra effort.
Mexican-Style Beef Short Ribs: Spice up your short ribs with taco seasoning and green pepper.
Rhubarb BB Cued Beef Ribs: Taste these ribs with the flavors of honey rose wine and chili sauce.
Savory Short Ribs: These beef ribs are baked with rosemary, garlic, cinnamon, and red wine.
Crockpot Short Ribs Parisienne: Delicious ribs with the meat falling off the bone, mmm.
Hickory Smoked Short Ribs: Tonight we did hickory smoked short ribs that were juicy and tender with the rich flavors of the hickory and the spicy sweet Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce. We followed up with twice baked potatoes, roasted garlic, coleslaw and fruit kebabs. These ribs were slow smoked around 300-350 degrees for 3 1/2 hours. We think they may have been the best we've ever done. There aren't any left.
Short Ribs Baked in Beer: This is one of my favorite ways to prepare short ribs. The beer makes them very tender and delicious. This recipe was first introduced to my family after acquiring the cookbook "U.S.A. Cookbook: by Sheila Lukins. This cookbook is a great one and I highly recommend it to anyone that does not have it.

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