11 Beverages to Keep You Warm 'N' Toasty

11 Beverages to Keep You Warm 'N' Toasty

It's that time of year. The time when we hunker down at home cooking our favorite comfort foods and brewing our favorite warm beverages! Whether you love tea, coffee, cider or hot chocolate, we've got fun variations on all you favorite warm beverages! Grab a book or crossword puzzle and curl up with one of these cozy, warm drinks!

Crockpot Mulled Cider - This is a deliciously fun drink to warm you up during the holidays. Apple cider, spices and orange make this a yummy treat.

Chamomile Spiced Tea - Lemon balm, mint, orange peel cloves and cinnamon make up this aromatic tea.

Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate - This warm, soothing, milky hot cocoa will make you want to curl up and hunker down on a cold winters night.

Hot Raspberry Cider - Use your crockpot to keep this easy cider warm throughout your party.

Dreamy Cinnamon-Hazelnut Coffee - A lightly sweetened hazelnut coffee with a hint of cinnamon flavor.

Mayan Hot Chocolate - Hot chocolate was originally paired with hot chili peppers and other spices in ancient Mayan culture. We think you'll like this modern version even better.

Autumn Tea - I love to mix tea and juices. I really like them in the winter when you can drink them warm. This recipe is good hot or cold.

Buttery Mulled Cider - An indulgent drink that is sweet and buttery and perfect for a cold day!

Spicy Ginger Tea - Cinnamon, cloves and ginger make a spicy mix and a slice of orange sweetens the day.

Caramel Hot Chocolate - Sip this creamy caramel drink for a welcome warm-up.

Brazilian Coffee - Try this coffee next time you need some caffeine. This is a blend of cocoa, salt, cinnamon, condensed milk and strong coffee. Not only will this wake you up but it tastes delicious.


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