11 Cookies from Around the World

11 Cookies from Around the World

Take a trip around the world, and sample tons of tasty cookie recipes! Better yet, just try making a couple of these recipes yourself. They won’t take too long, and they’re all so unique. We’ve got Mexican cookies, Irish cookies and so many others!

Irish Ginger Snaps - Cloves, ginger, baking soda and cinnamon get thrown together in these quick and easy cookies.

Chocolate Cherry Biscotti - These are perfect for every holiday season. They are great for mailing and keep for weeks!

French Chocolates - You'll feel like you just stepped into a French patisserie when you bit into these decadent chocolates.

Maamoul - Stuffed Date-Orange Cookies - A unique and tender cookie favored by both Jewish and Middle Eastern bakers alike. Try making them with all three delicious fillings.

Mexican Tea Cakes - Little balls of dough coated with layers of powdered sugar and baked. Perfect bite-size cookies.

Koriabiedes - These Greek snowball butter cookies are one of my very favorites. They are one of the many cookies you will find on the sweet table at a wedding. Easy to make and ever so tasty.

Swedish Sprits - Not many people have tried a Swedish dessert. Maybe they think they'd be difficult. This one is easy!

Czech Squares - A walnut crust and cherry jam will make these cookie bars a hit at your holiday table.

Welsh Cookies - These unique cookies are great when cooked on a griddle. Similar to a sweet scone with currants, they're perfect for an impromptu tea.

Russian Cookies - These Russian cookies don't have eggs! They're pretty unique and delicious!

Norwegian Zimmetstern Cookies - These Nordic cookies are delicious, easy and fun! It's hard to find these sweets, so make them yourself.

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