11 Dessert Pizzas

11 Dessert Pizzas

There's no meat or marinara on these pizzas. With toppings like candy, ice cream, fruit and cookies, these are meant to be eaten after dinner.

Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza: The ultimate dessert pizza.

Brownie Berry Pizza: Your family will flip over this dessert!

Sundae Pizza: This sweet dessert is the perfect frozen treat any time of year

Snicker's Pizza: A fun dessert that kids love because they can help make it!

Cookie Pizza: A fun recipe to make with kids, especially for birthday parties or play-dates.

Brownie Pizza: A delicious brownie topped with friuit and drizzled with chocoloate.

Fruit Pizza: This clever dessert is always a great choice for a party or potluck dinner.

Chocolate Cookie Thin Mint Pizza:
If you love Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies then you will die over this dessert

Candy Corn Pizza: A prefect use for leftover candy corn.

Taffy Apple Pizza: Same taffy apple taste, minus the wooden stick.

Banana Berry Pizza:
Try this clever dessert pizza at your next potluck or just to spoil the family.

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