11 Egg-ceptional Egg Recipes

11 Egg-ceptional Egg Recipes

When you think of eggs, do you automatically think breakfast? Eggs are a fairly typical breakfast staple, but eggs are great choices for any meal of the day. Check out these excellent egg recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Egg Foo Yong Oven Pancake - A different take on the classic Chinese restaurant item - this recipe calls for ramen noodles, mushrooms, eggs and flavorful seasonings.

Egg-Enchilada Skillet - An easy and meat free dish that is delicious and quick to make for anyone who is hungry. Serve these for lunch, dinner or breakfast.

Egg in the Hole - Good for breakfast or anytime; very good taste and appearance.

Egg, Tomato and Cheese Salad - A healthy and fresh salad to make for lunch, just have hard boiled eggs, fresh mozzarella cheese and tomatoes handy.

Egg Nog - This drink is perfect at Christmas or anytime.

Eggs Sardou - With artichoke hearts, spinach, and a dash of tabasco, these are yummy eggs.

Egg Casserole - A great, fat-free recipe for those watching their waistlines.

Egg and Black Bean Burritos - This is a delicious breakfast treat made with scrambled eggs, Monterey Jack, black beans and salsa!

Easy Eggs Florentine - This high quality brunch recipe only requires three ingredients and tastes gourmet!

Basic Egg Bread - A no-fail recipe for the bread machine.

Pizza Eggburger - This unexpected combination of ingredients will surprise with its great taste.

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