11 Fall Beverages That Everyone Will Like!

11 Fall Beverages That Everyone Will Like!

Sometimes cooking just isn’t in the cards; all you just want to do is sit back and relax with a delicious fall drink. Whether you’re looking for an autumnal apple martini, craving a creamy pumpkin smoothie, or in search of a spiced cider, we have 11 recipes that will suit you and every member of your family!

Apple Pie Cocktail: A bit of apple brandy makes this cocktail uniquely suited for fall.

Hot Cranberry Citrus Drink: This is a delicious drink to serve instead of apple cider– it has much more flavor and it's something different.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie: Forget the pie crust and slurp up a festive and creamy pumpkin shake.

Autumn Tea
: This recipe is good hot or cold. You cannot really taste the tea, so non-tea drinkers even like it.

Crockpot Mulled Cider: This is a deliciously fun drink to warm you up during the holidays. Apple cider, spices and orange make this a yummy treat.

Red Apple Martini: Almost like a vodka-cranberry, but in a prettier glass.

Spiced Tea: Cinnamon, cloves, and citrus peel jazz up a cup of tea.

Pear Brandy Champagne Cocktail: With such a delicious name, you know it’s going to be good.

Autumn Apple Punch: Instead of apple cider, try this spiced fruity concoction.

Cranberry Spritzer: A non-alcoholic treat that adults and kids alike will enjoy.

Chai Tea: Trade your coffee for a chai tea and taste the difference.

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