11 Finger-Lickin’ Buffalo-Style Recipes

11 Finger-Lickin’ Buffalo-Style Recipes

Buffalo wings, buffalo dip, buffalo pizza…we love them all! The spicy and tangy flavors of buffalo-style foods are truly addictive, and we just can’t get enough! That’s why we put together this list of our 11 favorite buffalo bites. Make one, and you’ll want to make them all!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza: This is a great pizza recipe! It has all the classic flavors of buffalo chicken wings: spicy sauce and salty blue cheese. It's just great for tailgating and Sunday football!

Buffalo Burgers: These juicy burgers get even better when they're topped with our delicious hot and spicy sauce and crumbled blue cheese.

Hooters Buffalo Chicken Wings: We all know guys go there for the wings, so why not make them at home?
Buffalo Chicken Dip: This robust and creamy dip features the great flavor of buffalo chicken wings without all the mess!
Buffalo Baked Chicken Wings: In this version, the wings taste especially good because they are baked, not fried. According to the Love Chef, Buffalo Chicken Wings were first served at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, in 1964.

Buffalo Chili Onions: Try these at your next barbecue.

Buffalo-Style Catfish Strips with Ranch Dressing: The inspiration for this appetizer is buffalo chicken wings. I breaded and baked catfish strips, then drizzled them with a spicy sauce. If you don't like spicy foods, omit the hot pepper sauce.
Cheesy Buffalo No-Chicken Pizza Bites: This is a great vegetarian party appetizer! It's quick, easy and inexpensive.
Buffalo Chicken Roll-Up: So your children want to eat buffalo wings for lunch. How messy is that? Here is an alternative recipe with the same great hot taste of a chicken wing with celery all rolled up in a flour tortilla. You can make small individual roll ups or you can make a large roll up and cut it into thirds. Just roll and wrap. It's the easiest lunch to make and your kids will not only enjoy making this themselves, but can't wait until the lunch bell rings!
Buffalo-Style Burger: This burger is a perfect marriage of arguably the two most popular foods in existence - cheeseburgers and buffalo wings! Well, maybe that's just me. This burger is, hands down, the best burger I have ever tasted.

Buffalo Chicken Dip: Very tasty hot dip that is great in a small crock pot. This dip will make you the hit of any party.
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