11 Great Grilled Veggie Side Dishes

11 Great Grilled Veggie Side Dishes

What's a barbecue without the perfect side dishes? While breads, pasta salads and potato salads are standard fare, don't forget to incorporate those veggies into your diet! Grilled vegetables are simple to make and are one of the tastiest ways to eat them. Here are 10 easy ways to use grilled veggies to make a killer side dish!

Grilled Skewered Vegetables - A great addition to the summer BBQ tradition.

Grilled Zucchini III - What do you do with zucchini when it's to hot to cook inside? Try this quick and delicious summer recipe using your grill.

Basted Grilled Vegetables - Your choice of mixed vegetables are prepared with olive oil, lemon, and fresh herbs.

Grilled Vegetable Salad - What could be more delicious then having a big bowl of grilled veggies as a side dish.

Italian Grilled Onions - These onions go great as a side dish for any main course, or you could layer them on burgers and sandwiches, too!

Citrus Grilled Vegetables - A grated grilling basket makes grilling vegetables much easier. You can barbecue them without one, but you may lose a few vegetable pieces in the coals.

Grilled Lemon Dill Asparagus - Get some fresh asparagus in the early summertime and grill it up!

Mediterranean Grilled Chopped Vegetable Salad with Feta - I make sure the vegetables come out right by grilling them over indirect heat — that is, cooking the vegetables on the cooler side of the grill, not right above the heat, so they are less likely to scorch.

Grilled Squash - This healthy and yummy side dish only requires 4 ingredients!

Grilled Baked Potatoes - This is a great recipe to follow if you are planning to have an outside barbecue with your friends and family, or if you just planning on using the grill.

Grilled Okra - Okra is an often neglected Southern favorite that works great in a variety of recipes. For simple grilled okra, try this recipe!


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