11 Hot Dog Casseroles

11 Hot Dog Casseroles

Picture all the ways you can eat a hot dog. Instead of eating them in buns, you can put all those ingredients in a casserole.

Chili Cheese Casserole: Bake hot dogs in their buns for individual servings. This is a great recipe for football games.

Hot Dog and Bean Casserole: Beans are often served as a side with hot dogs, but why not serve them together?

Chili Dog Cornbread Casserole: This casserole has a top layer of delicious, golden cornbread. It's like getting a main course and side dish in one!

Hot Dog Pasta Bake: Shell pasta, hot dogs, spaghetti sauce and plenty of cheese make this a filling casserole.

Chili Mac and Cheese Hot Dog Casserole: This is a truly decadent dish. French fries are served on top and you can dip them in the casserole!

4 Ingredient Hot Dog Casserole: Hot dogs, corn, tater tots and cream of chicken soup are all you need to make this casserole.

Chili Cheese Tator Tot Hot Dog Casserole: The title of this recipe is a mouthful, but when those 3 ingredients come together it is oh so good! You can eat this casserole as-is or serve on buns.

Macaroni Hot Dog Casserole: Kids love macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, but that doesn't mean adults can't enjoy this casserole too! It's a perfect meal for the whole family.

Mashed Potato Hot Dog Casserole: Kids love mashed potatoes and hot dogs, so why not combine them in a casserole? This recipe makes enough to fill 2 casserole dishes.

Mom's Hot Dog Casserole: This easy casserole has hot dogs and only 3 other ingredients.

Hot Dog Tamale Casserole: A simple, hearty casserole that can't be beat!

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