11 Speedy Chicken Dinners

11 Speedy Chicken Dinners

Here at Recipe4Living, you can find thousands of simple meal ideas, from pork to seafood and so much more! One of our most popular searches is for chicken dinner recipe, and we can understand why! Chicken is a fabulous go-to meal when you’re out of ideas. But we’ve got 11 new twists on the typical chicken dinner! And what’s even better is that these recipes are all quick to prepare!

Russ's Sweet & Sour Chicken - This sweet and sour chicken recipe will be a big hit! No more searching for that good oriental food shop.

Chicken Cutlets with Gorgonzola Cheese - Walnuts give the cutlets a crunch, and the melted cheese makes it so gooey!

Dutch Chicken - Do you like Gouda cheese? If you do, you'll love this dish!

Tropical Baked Chicken - Chicken, ham, mango, and coconut are all featured in this recipe!

Broiled Chicken in Lemon-Soy Marinade - Cooking time is only 5 minutes!

Easy Honey Mustard Chicken - One of my favorite combinations of flavors!

Asian Orange Chicken Breasts - Don't get Chinese take-out tonight! Make your very own Asian chicken dinner, instead.

Apple Jack Chicken - Nope, not the cereal! Apples and Monterrey Jack cheese are the stars of this dinner!

Chicken with Artichokes - This is the perfect springtime dish!

Pizza Chicken - No, not chicken pizza- pizza chicken! I call it that because it's loaded with marinara sauce, provolone and ricotta cheeses, and pepperoni!

Cheesy Pear Chicken - A sweet chicken dinner with Asian influences.

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