11 Speedy Microwaveable Meals

11 Speedy Microwaveable Meals

Looking for dinner at lightening speed? Well, maybe not that fast, but with these microwaveable meals you'll be chowing down in minutes! Even though these meals are speedy, they're still full of flavor! Save these quick and easy meals for nights when you don't have the time to cook a big dinner.

Chili-Chicken Lettuce Wraps - Use store bought chili to make this meal quick.

Cilantro-Lime Salmon - This delicious and heart-healthy dish is ready in only 20 minutes. A great recipe to cook for a special someone!

Egg and Black Bean Burritos - This is a delicious breakfast treat is made with scrambled eggs, Monterey Jack, black beans and salsa!

Carrot Risotto - This tasty dish is simple to make in the microwave and has a wonderful color from the carrots and carrot juice.

Pierogi and Sauerkraut-Slaw Casserole - This is one of the easiest recipes to make: just toss the coleslaw mix with the sauerkraut and seasonings and top with mini pierogi. Best of all, the microwave does all the work!

Pasta 'N' Tomatoes - This is a perfect summer dish as you don't have to use the oven to make it.

Oriental Rice - This rice dish is quick and easy! Make it as a side dish for pork chops or whatever you'd like!

Shrimp Etouffee - This is a very easy shrimp etouffe recipe that utilizes your microwave! I usually add four dashes of hot pepper sauce to the dish, but bring the hot stuff to the table in case someone wants a zestier dinner!

Barbecue Chicken Sandwich - This is a quick, easy and yummy recipe for barbecue chicken sandwiches! Use for a lunch or supper on the run!

Creamed Tuna on an English Muffin - Here is a recipe for a two-minute yummy lunch or dinner!

Microwave Meatloaf - This meatloaf recipe is quick and easy, my husband loves it!


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