12 Budget Appetizers Perfect for Game Day

12 Budget Appetizers Perfect for Game Day

Check out these 12 budget appetizers that will make you very popular on game day.

Quick Chicken Quesadillas: Cut up these dinner sized appetizers into small portions for game day appetizers. 

Baked Chicken Wings: You can't go wrong with BBQ wings and this recipe is super-easy to multiply for larger parties.

Simple Spinach Dip: This is the simplest spinach dip recipe I have seen so far. It doesn't have too many ingredients and it's easy to prepare.

Cheese Ball with Raspberry Preserves: A blend of two cheeses, green onions, and pecans is covered with raspberries for a pretty party tray.

Stuffed Mushrooms: A classic favorite, this recipe includes cheese and bacon – great for non-seafood eaters.

BLT Dip: Cut out the sandwich and try this bacon, lettuce, and tomato dip with bread chunks.

Beer Battered Veggies: This is a fantastic recipe to make the best beer battered veggies around. Serve them as an appetizer or as a side dish for anything. These go well with hamburgers and steak.

8 Layer Dip: Blue cheese dressing makes this common dip really stand out.

Crab Dip: Crab dip that is great for parties and just right for when you want to upgrade an appetizer!

Mozzarella Sticks: If you love the mozzarella sticks you get at a restaurant... then you will love these!

Chicken Taquitos: If the taquitos are not crisp when cool, you haven't cooked them long enough.

Onion and Garlic Dip: This simple dip has tons of flavor and goes with anything.


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