12 Excellent Egg Salads

12 Excellent Egg Salads

What are you going to do with all those leftover Easter eggs? Use them in an egg salad of course! Since these recipes are both delicious and simple, you won’t get sick of them right away. Plus you can always skip the egg salad, and turn it into sandwich instead.

Egg Salad - This simple and delicious recipe for egg salad is the perfect meal for lunchtime. This egg salad recipe serves four people so make this for you whole family. They will enjoy it.

Egg Salad - A simple and quick way to make egg salad with chopped walnuts and fresh basil mayo.

Egg Salad Sandwich - Easy to make egg salad, perfect on whole-wheat bread

Zesty Egg Salad For Two - The perfect amount for a lunch for two.

Zesty Egg Salad Bowl - Served in a pesto bread bowl, this basil egg salad is a gourmet presentation.

Deluxe Egg Salad (or Crab Salad) - A more flavorful alternative to the typical egg salad.

Stuffed Egg Salad - This is a quick and easy egg salad everyone will love.

Egg and Spinach Salad - It won't take you too long to make this fall salad.

Reese's Egg Salad Sandwich - A traditional egg salad with unexpected touches of Tabasco, parmesan, and bacon.

Low Sodium Egg Salad - This egg salad has enough zip to make up for the missing added salt.

Lemon Dill Egg Salad - With a few more ingredients, this egg salad is truly delicious.

Spinach, Bacon & Egg Salad - This tasty salad is hearty enough to be a main course!

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