12 Fun' N' Festive Holiday Beverages

hot chocolate

The holidays are all about food, but there's nothing more comforting than a fun and festive beverage to accompany the food! This season warm up with 12 of our tastiest holiday beverages! We have everything from cider and mulled wine to hot cocoa, party punches and gingerbread lattes! From Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve, Recipe4Living has your drink selection covered!

Crockpot Mulled Cider - This is a deliciously fun drink to warm you up during the holidays. Apple cider, spices and orange make this a yummy treat.

Reindeer Punch - This yummy strawberry/grenadine juice may to blame for turning Rudolph's nose red.

Hot Cinnamon Milk Mix - Ideal drink to warm up for the holidays - great as a gift or just to keep around the house.

Hot Cranberry Punch - This festive drink is a great way for your guests to warm up during the holiday season.

Mulled Wine - You may remember that this was one of the drinks that Clarence ordered at Nick's Place in the classic holiday movie "It's A Wonderful Life."

Classic Cooked Egg Nog - Forget the store-bought kind and make homemade egg nog for a real holiday treat.

Starbucks Gingerbread Latte - It's like the gingerbread man himself jumped into your coffee cup!

Hot Spiced Cranberry Cider - Make some memories with the aromas of cinnamon, clove and lemon, mingled with hot apple cranberry cider. It's a large recipe, so feel free to scale back ingredients as needed.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate - Made from scratch, this hot chocolate could be the best recipe every. You won't be disappointed!

Ginger Ale Punch - This refreshing and easy punch drink is kid-friendly and great to serve on New Year's Eve!

Hot Buttered Rum - A classic holiday favorite, this after-dinner drink will really warm up your White Christmas.

Starbucks Eggnog Latte - Your favorite holiday drink with your favorite caffeine source brand name.


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