12 Homemade Pancake Recipes

12 Homemade Pancake Recipes

Fluffy pancakes are sure put you in a great mood for the rest of the day. These homemade cakes are warm, and a true indulgence for an early-morning breakfast. But pancakes aren’t as difficult to make as you might think. Try one of these yummy pancake recipes today!

Pancakes - This is a simple way to make fluffy, homemade pancakes for your whole family to enjoy at breakfast.

Apple Pancakes with Maple Crusted Walnuts - A sweet treat for a Sunday brunch, or any time you feel like indulging someone.

Bread Pancakes - These pancakes are not the breakfast type. Made the same way, they add texture and breading to thick, saucy dishes.

Dutch Pancakes - Try these rich pancakes, baked in the oven instead of the griddle.

German Pancakes - This is a simple recipe to make some great and fluffy pancakes for you family in the morning.

Banana Pancakes - A delicious and nutritious addition to a breakfast standard.

Yogurt Pancakes - These eggless pancakes can be adapted for vegans, and they're yummy, too!

Boston Pancakes - These pancakes are delicious. They are served in layers with butter in between, and maple syrup poured over them.

Swedish Pancakes - An authentically Swedish recipe for a delectable morning, afternoon, or even evening meal!

The Best Pancakes Ever - Looking for that pancake with the perfect texture and taste? Look no further! Not to mention, these have chocolate chips and strawberries in them!

Blueberry Pancakes - Half of the berries should be cooked into the pancakes, and the other half should be saved to scatter over the top of the cooked pancakes for serving.

Puff Oven Pancake - This is a very easy breakfast dish that is yummy.

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