12 Pleasin' Potluck Side Dishes

12 Pleasin' Potluck Side Dishes

In order for a dish to be potluck-ready it should be easy to make and even easier to carry. That’s why casseroles and salads are two of the top picks for potluck sides. Keep reading for some of our favorite recipes, including baked beans, veggies and lots of salads.

Baked Tomatoes - A wonderful tomato side dish, created for a last-minute dinner party and it went over so well! Goes particularly well with beef, ham and chicken dishes. Would also be good with fish entrees. 

Avocado Salad - Everyone I know loves this summer avocado salad. It's really interesting because it also contains cream cheese and gelatin. How cool is that!

Macaroni Loaf - A simple macaroni recipe containing bread crumbs, cheese and other commonly found ingredients. Take it to a potluck!

Calico Beans - I got this recipe from my son. It is very easy to fix and has great taste. I get asked for the recipe every time I take them to a potluck.

Potluck Bean Salad - This recipe is promise to be the best. It is all gone before anything else is.

Bavarian Potato Salad - This potato salad recipe features bacon and onions.

Potluck Pasta Salad - A wonderful blend of fresh tasted that would be perfect and easy to make for a potluck party.

Skillet Baked Beans - These quick baked beans are a great side dish!

Tri-Color Coleslaw - This coleslaw not only tastes great but looks beautiful, as well!

Dilled Potatoes with Feta - This dish is always demolished at every party I take it to. Bring it to picnics, potlucks or any gathering. Be prepared to bring the recipe!

Angie's Little Barbecue Smokies - Perfect for a potluck or snack food.

Bacon and Hash Brown Casserole - This makes a really good side dish for breakfast, brunch or any potluck.

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