12 Pumpkin, Apple, and Squash Casseroles, Oh My!

12 Pumpkin, Apple, and Squash Casseroles, Oh My!

With fall, lots of new produce is in season including pumpkins, apples, and squash. Keep reading to see a dozen of my favorite casseroles that utilize these fabulous ingredients.

Baked Apple and Carrot Casserole: Sweet and juicy, these two ingredients go beautifully together to make a sugared side dish.

Apple-Raisin French Toast Casserole: This is a delicious breakfast dish that is perfect to prepare for a late brunch with friends. It is easy to make, and sets overnight, so in the late morning you just put it in the oven and enjoy.

Spiced Apple and Sweet Potato Casserole: This yummy fall dish is almost like a dessert! It's a great side dish to serve during the holidays!

Sweet Potato Apple Bake: The apples in this dish give the sweet potato and extra bit of sugar and a crunchier texture.

Pumpkin Casserole: This is a nice twist to a wonderful combination of rice, sausage, seasonings, and cranberries baked in a pumpkin, which enables an eye-pleasing presentation for any Autumn dinner as a side dish or main course.

Baked Pumpkin Casserole: Add pumpkin, sugar and nutmeg into a casserole dish and you will have a great tasting side.

The Pumpkin is in the Casserole: This clever dish is perfect for around Halloween time when pumpkins are cheap and readily available. The casserole cooks inside the pumpkin for incredible flavor and a very creative presentation!

Easy Stuffed Pumpkin: Pumpkin stuffed with a mixture of rice and ground beef is a very attractive and colorful dish. It is easy to make and makes a satisfying, healthy meal. It's delicious.

Squash Casserole: This cheesy bake has it all: squash, cornbread, cheese and walnuts. Perfect for your Thanksgiving table.

Boston Market Squash Casserole: This colorful veggie casserole is a wonderful way to dress up your standard squash casserole.

Squash Tomato Casserole: A delicious use of summer vegetables in an easy to prepare way. Makes an attractive appearance.

Cheesy Squash Casserole: Yellow squash is baked in a creamy cheesy sauce and topped with toasty breadcrumbs. This is a wonderful way to use up this tender summer beauty.

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