12 Quick and Easy Road-Trip Snacks

12 Quick and Easy Road-Trip Snacks

It's the holiday season, which for many of us means road trips across the country. You plan the trip cause we have the snacks covered! We put together 12 quick and easy road trip snacks that you and your family can enjoy! Happy travels!

Beach Ready Trail Mix - Depending on where you go, you will need tons of energy after being outdoors all day. This is the perfect snack to keep you going. 

Pumpkin Chex Mix - This is one tasty treat you won't want to miss out on! 

Trail Mix - Trail mix is a great snack to keep around the house and easy to store on long road trips! 

Sweet Pecan Chex Mix - Need a sweet treat? This is the snack for you! 

Yogurty Twist Mix - Low in calories, but high in deliciousness! 

Popcorn Mix - The perfect mix of sweet and salty! 

Roasted Sesame and Honey Snack Mix - Only takes a couple ingredients to make this healthy snack! 

White Chocolate Snack Mix - Have a chocolate craving? Bring this snack along to satisfy those cravings. 

Nutella Puppy Chow - Now this is a road trip must have! 

Beef Jerky Recipes - Get some protein in with these beef jerky recipes! 

Strawberry Fruit Leather - Made with natural ingredients, this fruit leather is delicious! 

Crunchy Zucchini Sticks - These will definitely hit the spot and they are so easy to make! 

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