12 Quick and Easy Summer Lunches

12 Quick and Easy Summer Lunches

These 12 quick and easy summer lunches are great for busy summer days that you still want a delicious and filling meal.

Pesto Chicken BLT Pasta Salad: This a great twist on a traditional pasta salad. 

Corn Salsa Burritto: This perfect summer burritto will fill you up and is easy to make. 

Summer Squash and Tomato Casserole: This is a very flavorful and delicious casserole. 

Fried FIsh Sticks with Chipotle Sauce: These simple yet delicious fish sticks go perfectly with the chipotle dipping sauce.

Microwave Cajun Chicken: This fast and easy microwave Cajun chicken recipe will make a tasty chicken dish with minimum hassle

Easy Harvest Salad: What makes this salad especially good is that you can use a wide variety of vegetables and toppings.

Quick and Easy Tuna Salad: This quick and easy tuna salad is not only delicious but it is super simple to make.

Fruit Salad with Cream Cheese Dressing: Fruit salad is pretty good all on its own, but fruit salad with sweet cream cheese dressing is a little piece of heaven.

Spanish-Style Tortilla with Chorizo: It's a tasty and you can make it one of a kind by switching up some ingredients.

Quick Coconut Shrimp: If you're looking for a light lunch than this recipe is perfect for you.

Super Simple Strawberry Spinach Salad:This strawberry spinach salad is perfect for a light side to go along with your main meal. 

Classic Cucumber and Ham Tea Sandwich: These dainty sandwiches are very light and we've created a filling cucumber and ham tea sandwiches version that also includes ham.

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