12 Savory Pot Pies

12 Savory Pot Pies

In the world of food trends, pot pies are in! Everyone loves a sweet apple pie, but let's not forget about all of the pot pies that include classic ingredients like chicken, pork, beef, carrots and other seasonal veggies. Don't forget about the tasty flaky crust! Keep reading for the twelve best.

Pennsylvania Dutch Ham Pot Pie: You can serve this as a stew or a soup. Additional spices should be added by each diner. This is good to the last bite. Serve with hearty French or Italian bread and butter.

Mexican Chicken Pot Pie:
This recipe adds cornbread to the mix for a breadier pot pie.

Easy Turkey Pot Pie
Roast poultry and vegetables are paired in a creamy sauce and topped with a golden biscuit crust.

Shepherd's Pie: The traditional British/Irish dish.

Pork Pot Pie with Cornbread Crust:
Serve this pie with a composed salad of red onions, orange segments, and avocado slices for a well-balanced meal.

Secret Ingredient Sweet Potato Pie: Not a secret anymore...it's a can of tomato soup! Yum!

Swiss Cheese Potato Pie:
Potato, ham, cheese and broccoli make this a full meal or just a side dish.

Spaghetti Pie: Quick. Easy. Delicious!

Southwestern Pot Pie:
This yummy pot pie recipe uses sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans and salsa.

Easy Chicken Pot Pie:
Love the comforting taste of chicken pot pie but don't want the hassle? Try this recipe for pot pie in a snap!

Zucchini and Potato Pie:
This would be a great recipe for a Sunday breakfast with the family.

Hamburger Pot Pie:
Sick and tired of eating hamburgers the same way? Try this recipe and enjoy a new way of eating “the hamburger”, as a pot pie!

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