12 Sensational Crescent Roll Recipes

12 Sensational Crescent Roll Recipes

There are so many creative dishes you can make using a package of store-bought crescent rolls! Keep reading to see all of our ideas, ranging from desserts to full-fledged meals!

Crescent Roll Cheese Coffee Cake: A quick and easy recipe for cheese coffee cake.

Turkey Crescent Roll Ups: The cream cheese, brown mustard and garlic powder make these turkey roll ups a sure hit! I can never make enough of these.

Cheese Danish: You can easily make cheese Danish with the help of refrigerated crescent rolls.

Hot Dogs Under Wrap: Hot dogs baked inside crescent roll puffs make a great appetizer or main course!

Chicken Squares: Use canned chicken or ham for an even easier recipe!

Teriyaki Puffs: Imagine steak marinated in teriyaki sauce with a crescent roll wrapped around it. It is delicious.

Zucchini Quiche: Serve this vegetable quiche, with a crescent roll crust, for a special brunch.

Mini Herb Crescents: Mix dried basil leaves with crushed parmesan cheese into store bought crescent roll and you will have a great dish to serve.

Taco Ring: This is perfect for children who love tacos or for when you host a party. All your guests will love these little crescent rolls stuffed with taco meat and toppings.

Confetti Vegetable Pizza: Made in a jelly roll pan, this pizza has a crescent rolls crust and cream cheese "sauce." Makes a great snack, appetizer or light lunch.

Apple Dumplings for Dummies: These apple dumplings are just made with store-bought crescent rolls, apple quarters and Mountain Dew. You're on your way to heaven!

Crisp Onion Squares: A great new twist for those boring old refrigerated crescent rolls!

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