12 Ways to Cook with Beer: From the Can to the Table

12 Ways to Cook with Beer: From the Can to the Table

You love a cold pint of beer at the end of the workday or enjoy a few during the basketball season with your buddies on the weekend, but have you ever cooked with beer? It is so versatile; it works well in meaty stews, hearty soups, dips, breads and fried foods. Keep reading for what we have brewed up: 12 recipes that incorporate your beer of choice!

German Potato Salad with Beer Dressing: This recipes makes enough potato salad for the whole crowd. The beer and Tabasco pair beautifully.

Beer Dip:
This is a fantastic dip to make for watching the game. The beer really stands out in this recipe.

Beer-Battered Veggies: Served as an appetizer or side dish, this recipe is always a winner!

Beerballs: Meatballs doused in beer? We're in! This is a top favorite of Recipe4Living readers.

Beer Cheese Soup:
This creamy concoction is the perfect bar soup with a little kick.

Kentucky Beer Cheese:
Beer cheese is unheard of in most places. In Kentucky, it is almost a staple item. Enjoy this cheesy delight.

Bratwurst in Beer with Sauerkraut Relish:
These flavorful marinated brats are grilled and served on rolls or buns with homemade sauerkraut relish.

Russ's Beer Sauce:
This goes well on any fish that has been fried in a beer batter.

Beer Batter Onion Rings:
This beer battered onion ring recipe comes from Sandra Lee.

Beer Cheese Spread:
Seemingly ideal for tailgating at Packers games in Wisconsin, but no doubt a popular game day treat on any turf!

Texas-Missouri Beer Bread:
You won't believe how well this bread turns out with ingredients that you would find at any bachelor pad.

Beer Cake:
This is a fabulous, always successful cake recipe!

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