13 Copycat Guilty Pleasures

13 Guilt-Free Copycat Favorites

There are many establishments that are famous for a specific dish, but you can't go to Red Lobster EVERY time you want a cheddar biscuit. Check out my favorite copycat recipes!

Panera Mac & Cheese - This stuff is food gold. Panera makes one of the best mac & cheeses and now you can too. 

Thin Mints - If only girl scouts were knocking on my door everyday. Their thin mint cookies are some of the best on the market and now you can have them all year long. 

Potbelly Uptown Salad - I love the mixture of grapes, cranberries and walnuts in this copycat Potbelly salad. 

Cinnabon Cinnamon Stix - These cinnamon sticks were such a treat as a little kid when I would go to the mall. This recipe is easy and brings back great memories. 

Chipotle Burrito - Oh what I would do for Chipotle all the time. This easy burrito recipe gives you the connivence of having a chipotle in your home. 

Cheesecake Factory Romano Chicken - I loved this dish in the restaurant and the flavors are even better when you make it your self. 

TGI Friday's Mozzarella Sticks - Can you say delicious? Nothing is quite like a nice, hot mozzarella stick, especially these copycat ones. 

Potbelly Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies - These gooey cookies take you to heaven and back in one little bite. They taste even better hot out of your own oven. 

Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes - Sprinkles holds a special place in my heart and this recipe is no exception! The cream cheese frosting is out of this world. 

Chilli's Babyback Ribs - A good slab of ribs can completely make a summer barbecue. This Chilli' copycat recipe is exactly what you need. 

P.F. Ghang's Peanut Chicken Salad - I may actually like this recipe better than the original but either way you can't go wrong with a peanut salad tossed with chicken. 

Marie Callender's Sour Cream and Blueberry Pie - Blueberry pie is a must during this season and we can't say no to this copycat recipe. 

Boston Market Dill Potatoes - No more having to wait in line at Boston Market, this recipe is way to easy to ever have to buy again. The Dill completes the dish for an added flavor. 

(photo cred: http://www.gimmesomeoven.com/garlic-cheddar-biscuits-a-la-red-lobster/)

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