13 Garden Fresh Recipes

13 Garden Fresh Recipes

Fresh from our editors, and fresh from your garden, these recipes are made with your garden in mind.

1) Use your fresh basil and onions in this spicy summer pesto.

2) These Caprese skewers feature your new baby tomatoes and some more basil.

3) Go berry-picking for the freshest blueberry jam you've ever tasted.

4) Grilled zucchini is so tasty.

5) This hummus is made from carrots!

6) This recipe for roasted eggplant is accompanied with a sweet sauce.

7) Here's another great jam; this time with strawberries!

8) Using my favorite, avocado, and a fresh blend of herbs this gucamole in a bag is a smash.

9) This recipe features a great combination of root vegetables.

10) Pick your plumpest peppers and stuff 'em full!

11) Use fresh blueberries to top this no-bake cheesecake.

12) Rosemary, thyme, and oregano are the holy trinity of fresh garden herbs. Use them to garnish and flavor chicken.

13) This vegetable lasagna uses veggies and herbs from your garden with some strong, delicious cheeses.

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