13 Wonderful Watermelon Recipes: From Sweet To Savory

13 Wonderful Watermelon Recipes: From Sweet To Savory

Sweet, juicy and almost gone, watermelon is one of the fundamental tastes and fruits of summer. As we enter the final stretch of summer it is time to get our fill of this lip-smacking, good for you food. We have compiled a list of 13 great watermelon recipes to tempt your taste buds and give you another reason to have some watermelon.

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Watermelon Pie: Enjoy this easy to love no-bake pie. It is made using watermelon balls and sweet condensed milk.

Watermelon Lemonade: You’ll love what a little watermelon can do for homemade lemonade.

Succulent Watermelon Salsa: This salsa variation is fruity, crunchy and full of summertime flavor.

Watermelon and Lime Sorbet
: Beat the summer heat with this super simple and affordable summer sorbet. The fresh flavors of the Watermelon and Lime Sorbet shine in this dairy-free dessert to bring a refreshing way to enjoy the flavors of the season.

Watermelon Vinaigrette: Try serving this watermelon-based dressing during the summer months. It is so light and delicious and it is soon to be one of your favorite summertime dressings.

Watermelon Dippers: Try cutting your watermelon into easy to manage sticks. They make a great sweet dip alternative.

No-Bake Watermelon Cake: What in the world is a watermelon cake? It is just that, a watermelon used as the base of this no-bake, super simple summer cake idea. Bring this cake to any summertime gathering as a refreshing dessert alternative. Just a warning, be ready to explain yourself. This cake will be sure to bring up the question, "how exactly did you make this"?

Watermelon Rind: Pickled watermelon rind tastes as sweet as candy. As a bonus it is a great way not to waste any of the watermelon.

Watermelon Cooler: This refreshing summer drink combines the cool flavors of watermelon and the sweet 'n tangy flavors of lemonade!

Watermelon with Grilled Halloumi Cheese: Halloumi cheese is from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It is unique because it will grill and brown without melting. Teamed with watermelon, it is a sweet-salty treat that works as an appetizer, side dish or salad. If you can't get Halloumi cheese, there are Spanish frying cheeses or Indian paneer that would be good, or as a last resort, skip the grilling and use chunks of ricotta salata.

Pleasing Watermelon Granita Recipe: This refreshing, ice dessert is thick enough to be eaten out of bowls, or can be made into a drink.

Watermelon Berried Chiffon
: This is an easy recipe that is quite forgiving as far as ingredients go. It makes good use of the watermelon that wasn't quite used up at the big party and reduces it down to a manageable spot in the refrigerator. It also makes use of any fresh or frozen berries and yogurt for creaminess to turn this into a delectable summer chiffon!

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