14 Kid-Friendly Breakfasts!

14 Kid-Friendly Breakfasts!

Kids can be picky, finicky, choosy, fussy and persnickety- but you won't have to choose from any of those adjectives when you create one of these 14 fabulous and satisfying breakfasts that all kids go gaga for! Keep reading for the best of the best!

Chocolate Waffles: What kid doesn't crave a chocolate breakfast treat? You can even fool them a bit and make a whole wheat waffle with chocolate!

The Best Pancakes Ever: Looking for that pancake with the perfect texture and taste? Look no further! Not to mention, these have chocolate chips and strawberries in them!

Breakfast Melt: This melt is sweet, spicy and cheesy- it combines cinnamon bread and sausage!

Easy Fruit Danish: You can incorporate your favorite spread, so everyone is happy with the flavor! If you have a selection of jams, this is the perfect dish to use them in.

Coconut Mango Pancakes:
This is like a Mango Lassi transformed into a pancake - an Asian twist on an American breakfast classic. Eat them with honey or syrup.

Kids' Favorite Waffles:
Whip up these light and fluffy waffles from scratch! They're quick and easy with tons of seasonal pumpkin flavor. You can also use carrots or sweet potatoes to really mix it up!

Breakfast Lover's Loaf:
This is the best way to start your morning! It is not for the timid of eaters! If you like sausage, bacon, ham, eggs and cheese, this is what you are looking for!

Peanut Butter Cinnamon Toast:
This is really easy and fast and kids will love it. With no serving amounts, make as much as you like!

Stuffed French Toast:
An easy, oven-baked version with vanilla and cream cheese.

Mini Omelets: Kids absolutely love these cute little omelets!

Cereal Squares:
Use smooth and creamy peanut butter! Make this for Halloween.

Creamy Eggs:
Try this out on your kids or grand-kids for breakfast. They'll fall in love with the creaminess!

Curried Greggs
Since it is a breakfast dish, I designed it with a light curry flavor that is subtle, so don't let the odd combination of ingredients throw you off. My kids gobbled this down and complained I didn't make enough! The eggs can be made as an omelet and cut into squares and folded into the grits or can be served separately.

Really Lemony French Toast:
This is a favorite with my husband and my grandchildren. It has a wonderful zesty flavor and looks scrumptious when cooked to a toasty brown. It is a little crisp around the edges.

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