15 Bodacious Breakfast Bakes

15 Bodacious Breakfast Bakes

Breakfast with guests can be downright daunting. Ease your fears by making one of these 15 bountiful breakfast casseroles. They’re easy to make ahead and they‘ll ensure that all your guests are well-fed. Even if you're not having guests, these casseroles are an easy way to make delicious breakfasts for the entire week.

1) Apple Baked French Toast: this melt-in-your-mouth French toast bake is loaded with glorious, sweet baked apples.

2) Make-Ahead Spinach and Cheddar Casserole: even if you don’t have guests coming to stay, this casserole is great to make once and have breakfast all week.

3) Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole: can you say yum? This breakfast bake is creamy sweet and will definitely be a new family favorite.

4) Southern Breakfast Casserole: this recipe definitely embodies southern flare! Creamy and crunchy, this dish is a great way to start your day.

5) Kale Breakfast Casserole: if you want to start your day on a healthier note, try this veggie-packed breakfast.

6) Breakfast Casserole Supreme: I like to experiment with different tastes, and this dish turned out excellent. I guess that you just can't go wrong with eggs.

7) Herb Hash Brown Casserole: this buttery dish is one of our all-time favorites in the morning.

8) Breakfast Bars: we love this easy recipe and instructional video. It’s just so easy to bake this up!

9) The Best Breakfast Casserole: this video will give you everything you need to make a dish that will wow your guests.

10) Ham Hash Brown Casserole: what’s a breakfast without hash browns? Don’t miss out on these crisp delights in the morning.

11) Vegetarian Breakfast Casserole: if you’ve got guests who don’t eat meat, or you don’t eat it yourself, this is the perfect dish to make.

12) Sausage Brunch Casserole: this breakfast bake is easy, cheesy and filled with eggs and sausage!

13) Breakfast Casserole with Broccoli, Ham and Cheese: this bake is chock full of well-seasoned veggies and loaded with cheese.

14) Breakfast Pie: what could be better first thing in the morning other than a pie? Oh yeah, a pie with crescent roll crust and smothered in cheese. Yummy.

15) Hungry Man Casserole: this hearty breakfast casserole dish will feed all your hungry men (and women).


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